How do coupons work?

Coupons are the best, aren’t they? We’re all about making your shopping experience as amazing as possible. That’s why we use coupons and promotions regularly on our site. Here are a few things you should know about how our coupons work:

1: Buy One, Get One (BOGO) Offers—When you use BOGO coupons at our store, you will need to first add all of the desired products to the cart. BOGO currently only applies to the Self Tanner Lotion and Self Tanner Mousse. Once you’ve added the tanners and the coupon code, the coupon will give you the 2nd lowest price item(s) for free (up to 2 items MAX). BOGO will only multiply up to 2 items per transaction.
(Note, in order to get BOGO to multiply up to 2 times within the order, you must add 4 items total. Once all 4 are added, the 2 lowest price items will be discounted at checkout. Please note, all desired products MUST be added to the cart before applying the code. The discount code will then remove every other lowest price item, limit 2 items. Must add a minimum of 2 items for the code to work.)

2: Gift Card Coupon Exclusions—special times of the year like Black Friday or Cyber Monday, we offer big percentage savings. These coupons are good for giving you a mondo discount storewide with one exception— e-gift cards & apparel. These products are already extremely discounted and accordingly don’t qualify for extra savings. In other words, they’re basically already permanently on sale. 😉

3: FREE SHIPPING Coupons—Free shipping promotions only apply to orders sent within any of the contiguous states within the USA. Accordingly, they don’t cover international shipping nor orders sent to Hawaii or Peurto Rico.

4: Expiration Dates—Our coupons and promos almost always have an expiration date. We strive to make these dates front-and-center so you’re not surprised. If you try and use a code past its expiration date, it simply won’t work. We know, it’s a bummer, but we promise there will be more promos soon, so just hold on, babe!

5: No Retroactive Price Adjustments—Sometimes you order a product just before you see a new promotion code. It happens and it stinks, but we don’t give retroactive price adjustments. Please enjoy your product at the price you paid and wait for the next great deal. We promise it’s coming! You can be one of the first people to know about our promotions by subscribing to our emails here.
If you have any questions regarding promotions, please give us a shout and we’ll get you answers straight away!

6: Subscription Orders—We are so excited to hear you want to keep your favorite products in stock! Any product subscription automatically includes a 15% off discount, year-round!
Because of this year-round sale, and the inability to stack discounts, coupon codes and discounts sadly cannot be added to any order with a product subscription.

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