Tips on achieving the best Self Tanner application!

Some tips our customers have found helpful are to dry brush and exfoliate the skin to make sure there are no dry or rough patches the tanning lotion/mousse can cling to.

Avoiding oil-based exfoliants and body scrubs can help greatly as oil can create a barrier between the skin and the product, causing missed spots, streaks, etc.

Another great thing you can do is keep the skin moisturized by the use of a cream or lotion before and after each application for better adhesion on the skin once it’s on. Giving the lotion or mousse enough time to set is key! Please allow 10-15 minutes for the product to set on your skin and absorb throughly before getting dressed to avoid rubbing off the product form your skin and causing streaks and patches.

The usage of mitts, self tanner application brushes, or latex gloves (if you don't have an allergy to latex) is STRONGLY recommended to avoid streaks and missed spots.

Extra tip: using the remainder of the product left on the mitt to lightly brush on areas such as ankles, wrists, elbows, knuckles, and anywhere the skin creases can help greatly as opposed of applying lotion directly.

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