What are Beauty Bloopers?

Our bloopers could be ANY Beauty By Earth product!

The only difference between our Beauty Bloopers and the normal product is cosmetic damages or defects. The formula is perfectly intact. We will never sell a product that has compromised ingredients, expired formulas, or have any damages that would directly impact the effectiveness of the product.

Think: Misprints, typos, wonky alignment, etc.

Our inventory of Beauty Bloopers changes with each product shipment and inventory replenishment we receive, so it will vary constantly. You can decide if you want a small or large Beauty Blooper, but the item you get is a complete mystery 🔮 With this in mind, we sadly have no way to ensure the product you receive will, or won't be, a certain item. If there is an item you know you dislike and wouldn't use, we don't recommend purchasing this Blooper.

Please note: if you have a known ingredient allergy, the Beauty Bloopers may not be the best fit for you. There is no way to guarantee what product you will receive as the inventory changes almost daily.

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